Jeffree Star x Manny MUA collaboration

Hi everyone! If you haven’t heard, Jeffree Star did his first collaboration! I am a huge fan of his products, so I was very excited to try this out. This collaboration was with his best friend, Manny MUA. I absolutely LOVE them both, they are so hysterical! I am so happy that Jeffree chose Manny to do his first collaboration with.

First, let’s go over what this collaboration includes. You could buy this as a bundle, which included two liquid lipsticks and one highlighter. You could also purchase each individual item separately. The bundle came in this STUNNING black packaging, with a holographic logo on it. The boxes for the products are this beautiful black, as opposed to the hot pink that is normal for Jeffree’s products.

Let me just speak about Jeffree’s formula quickly. His liquid lipsticks are my absolute FAVORITE. They are SO insanely pigmented. You can cover your entire lips in two swipes. They are comfy to wear and they do not transfer! These are the only liquid lipsticks that don’t crumble on my lips after a few hours. The applicator on these perfectly curves around your lips, making it very easy to really line your lips. His highlighters are insanely pigmented and metallic. Jeffree is known for glowing and these highlighters will definitely help you to achieve that! The pan sizes are also HUGE and they come with an awesome mirror!


The first liquid lipstick that you get in this collection is called I’m Shook. This is described as a “medium toned burnt coral.” I was actually really shocked to see Manny come out with a color like this, because he tends to go more for nudes (I am the same way). BUT I was pleasantly surprised by this color. It is SO flattering. It has the perfect undertone, and it isn’t too red or too pink.

The second liquid lipstick is called Daddy. This shade is described as “a cool toned brown.” I like this different take on a nude shade. This brown isn’t too overwhelming and I think it will look great on a range of skin tones!

The highlighter in this collection is called Eclipse. It is described as a “pale icy peach.” I really like this color because it is light enough to be used on my very fair skin tone, while still not being white. Don’t get me wrong, I love a white highlighter, but it is nice to give it a little bit of a color every once and awhile. I have noticed that this highlighter is a little less powdery than my other highlighters from Jeffree. There’s nothing wrong with this, I just personally prefer when a TON of powder comes up when I dip my brush in, so that I don’t have to keep dipping my brush in. But still, a couple layers and you are good to go!

Overall, I really enjoyed this collection! I am excited to play with these liquid lipsticks more and glow with the highlighter. I am anxiously awaiting Jeffree to reveal his summer collection colors! I am sure there will be at least a few that I “need.” I hope you enjoyed this little review/first impressions! Let me know what you guys want to hear about next!


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